Google Translator !

 I have now added Google Translator to my blog as I'm really bad at updating my English blog. Have to admit it's so stress writing two blogs. Anyway. If you visit my Norwegian blog: www.worldtraveller.blogg.no just do as the first picture says and you will be able to read the blog in any language you want. I will not say the translation is perfect, but the text will hopefully be understandable. Press on the pictures to maximize !

-Linh <3


Norway's National Day !

It's 17th of May and today it's our country's national day. I couldn't, unfortunately, celebrate it because I'm still stuck in Brighton, but a little celebration was it. Irene and I dressed up in red, white and blue to show our love for the place we call home <3

Any question just ask !



God Loves Me for Sure !

Today, when I arrived in school I met a really horrible, terrible painful news which said that British Airways was going on strike for 20 days, or at least the Cabin Staff ! It was like getting hit by a bullet ! I'm going home in 18 days so this really doesn't work for me, you know. NoNO !

But then we read the Metro, the newspaper you know, and then something really really indescribable happened :

Quite difficult to read, but I'll tell ya ! It says that the Cabin Crew will walk out(go on strike) on May 18-22 inclusive, May 24-28, May 30-June 3 and June 5-9 ! As you can see 29. May is not mentioned which, ladies and gentlemen, is the date I'm going home ! I personally don't believe in God, but now it's almost like I could, for half a second, believe he did, and that he loves me ! Now I just hope that Mr. Volcano will behave properly till I'm home and safe !

 -Linh <3


Brighton Coast !

As it wasn't a good weather for going to Arundel, we chose to stay in Brighton and see things we hadn't seen here, like the Fish-museum, Old game machine museum and art museum. Really nice actually and as these museums lies at the promenade, we were able to see and explore this part of Brighton as well. And believe me, it was very nice. I really recommend this to everyone who is in Brighton, I do !


British Weather !

Oh my god, I hate the British Weather. It's like you can't plan anything coz of this horrible weather ! Sun, cloud, rain, sun, cloud, cloud, rain. The Weather is behaving like a premenstrual dysphoric disordered woman with mood swings ! It's sooo frustrating !

The plan was to visit Arundel today, but now we have to wait and see if the weather wants to be nice and act as weather should act or not !



Iron Man II

Yesterday, I watched Iron Man II together with Debbie, Pedro and Nikki. Believe me, it was a really unexpected visit. I'm personally a category girl who would straight away say that Iron Man II was a boy-film. I have to admit that this is not the kind of film I would have chosen to watch, but as Debbie, Pedro and Nikki had planned this, I agreed and went to Odeon to watch it.

And Oh My God I got shocked. This film was actually really good ! First of all, one of my favorite actors( Robert Downey Jr) plays in this film and the humor added to this film was extraordinary!I can't remember the last time I laughed so much during an action film !

The only little minus about this film was the graphic, but who cares ! The film was BRILLIANT !

4 of 5 pandas from me !
This film is totally worth seeing !



So Sorry (´□`。)

I'm sorry I haven't updated my English blog that much as you wanted me to. But I'm now back and I'll will try to become much better (^^,)

It's now only 29 days left here in Brighton before I'm heading home and Oh my god, I'm looking forward. Norwegian food, my friends, my family, everything. Ah <3 <3 <3



Nihongo !

Moshi moshi !

The sky is blue and the sun is shining, and I? I'm studying Japanese. I have a big dream of getting in to the University in Oslo this Autumm to study Japanese and will therefore study a little Japanese so if I'm lucky and get in, I won't look like a big question tag.haha. It's quite difficult, but I gonna learn it if it's the last thing I'll do !

9/63 days completed of My Biggest Challenge,Ever!

-Linh <3

Rottingdean !

Ohayo !

Yesterday, Raquel, Jamila, Tomas and I went a little sightseeing to Rottingdean. It was a very nice little village. It kinda felt like we went 100 years back in time <3 I will know give you many many pictures from Rottingdean. Sorry, but it was too many nice things to show you guys.

Raquel goes craaazy !

 Hello, hello, any little people home ?

 Cream tea, jammy jammy !
I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky ....

9/63 days completed of My Biggest Challenge,Ever!
-Linh <3



Yesterday I went to London with Raquel and Jamila and had a really great time despite the *we-got-lost* part.

 Mr. Bagpipe man

 I have no idea who this is, but she looked nice !

 Strange buildings

I heart you <3

 Really ugly art-thingy !

Yo ho, Yo ho - a pirate's life for me !

8/63 days completed of My Biggest Challenge,Ever!
-Linh <3


I said: What what in the butt ?

I have no idea what I gonna say:

7/63 days completed of My Biggest Challenge,Ever!



King and Queen - I got a secret admire !

Ohayo !

Today I woke up by a very nice call from Desiree who asked me if I wanted to meet her and some friends at Starbucks today. Yey, something to do coz today it's holiday for Academic Stundents (Studens who are here for 6-9 month, I think). And the same on Monday. Yey. Anyway, yesterday, Raquel knocked on my door to ask me if I wanted to come to King and Queen with her. It was a quick yes and off we went.

Yesterday it was a couple of women who sold roses and glowing sticks inside King and Queen.
And apparently someone bought one for me <3 I'm touched. I think I got a secret admire !
6/63 days completed of My Biggest Challenge,Ever!

-Linh <3 


Dango Daikazoku

Konbanwa !

Heard about Dango ? No ! Okey, then I'll tell you !

Dango is sticky Japanese Dumpling which is usually served on a skewer. These are smalls balls made of rice flour and served with green tea. As a big favorite in Japan Dangos have a lot of different tastes like:

  • Anko: normally known as red bean paste. This one is the most popular one in Japan
  • Chadango: Green tea taste
  • Bocchan: This has three colours. One coloured by red beans, the second by eggs and the third by green tea
  • Chichi: Quite sweet, usually eaten as a dessert
  • Hanami: This one has three colours too. The Hanami dango is usually served during the Hanami season(Between January and mid-May)
  • Goma: This one has two different types: Sweet and salty
  • Kinako: A toasted soya flour
  • Kushi: Plain
  • Mitarashi: This one is covered with syrup made from soya sauce, sugar and starch.
  • Teppanyaki: Obvious: Dango with tangy teppanyeki taste.

5/63 days completed of My Biggest Challenge,Ever!

-Linh <3